Inside The Plant & Flower Store NYC's VIPs Are Obsessed With

You know those fancy dinner parties you see pictures of online sometimes? The ones that are sponsored by fashion brands or cool start-ups and feature, say, Kendall Jenner sitting next to Chloe Sevigny, talking about god knows what? They’re always at some five-star restaurant, get written up in Vogue, and — crucially — have incredible floral arrangements. If you’re anything like us, you’ve wondered about the origins of said flowers and plants. Which is why we were excited to talk to Erik Mourkakos and Casey Godlove of PlantShed, a family-owned NYC institution that has worked with the likes of WeWork, Chanel, Kith, Kirna Zabete, and the Grammys. They’ve also done collaborations with artists like Curtis Kulig and Bodega Rose (whom you may remember from our deep-dive into plant lady culture!).

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